Questions & Answers for owners who wish to sell their apartment(s)

Q: Tell me about Urban Living:

A: Urban Living opened its first office in 1999 in Midtown Manhattan as a full service Real Estate brokerage company. Urban Living specializes in real estate sales and rentals (furnished for short or long term, unfurnished, and roommate share). Our extensive network base advertises internationally, and reaches clients who come to New York for schooling, internships, corporate relocation, business travel, and to invest.

Over the last few years Urban Living received an increasing number of requests for rental properties located in Brooklyn, as well as a strong interest in Brooklyn from international Real Estate Investors. In 2006, this growing trend resulted in the creation of Urban Living International – our sister company located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Q: Why should I use Urban Living as an exclusive broker?

A: Some of the reasons are:

  • Post your property on a State-of-the-Art website in 10 languages
  • Take advantage of our international exposure
  • Rent your apartment while you wait for it to be sold
  • Within a few minutes, by using key online platforms and advertising, the entire industry will know that your property is on the market
  • As a REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) member, Urban Living will work with other brokers to increase your opportunities to sell.

Q: Will you advertise my property online?

A: Yes, we advertise extensively online and are happy to share the list of over 30 sites with you.

Q: How long will it take to place pictures of my property online?

A: Your property will be advertised on all the above websites with digital pictures within 24 hours after staging and photo shoot.

Q: Do you conduct open houses? If yes, when will be the first one?

A: Open Houses usually take place on Sundays. They are scheduled with you at mutually agreeable times.

Q: How will you decide on the price of my property?

A: To decide on the price of your property, your real estate agent will conduct a comparative search. Based on this search, your agent will advise you on the price you should ask.

It is in your interest, and your agent's interest, to market your property at the right price. This is because you want to sell for a good price, and your agent wants to advertise a property that has a good chance to be sold.

Q: What should I do to make my property more attractive?

A: The price has to be right, but your property also has to be staged properly. Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the apartment, so storing personal items (photos, knickknacks) can be an effective way to give the prospective purchase a "clean slate" on which to project their own future in the apartment. Clearing out closets and sometimes removing furniture will make your apartment seem larger and more inviting; items can be easily stored in a rented storage facility. Refresh your property if needed; a good paint job can make all the difference. And of course, your agent will be happy to advise you.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Your agent is available 7 days a week by email or by phone. To provide additional support, all our agents have a supervisor, and are part of a team that can answer your questions and deliver any messages to your agent.

Q: Will I have to talk to my potential buyers?

A: No, all potential buyers will be directly in touch with your agent, or they will communicate to your agent via their own agent.

Q: Will you provide me with feedback after showing?

A: Yes, your agent will always get back to you after a showing. Each week your agent will give you a report of all the new buyers interested in your property. You will be informed about the degrees of interest and all the comments (both positive and negative).

Q: We would like to review and discuss your real estate commissions before signing a listing agreement.

A: Great! We encourage that you meet with us. It will be a pleasure to sit down with you and explain in detail how our real estate commissions work.

Q: Do you check if buyers are pre-approved?

A: Our agents always make sure buyers are qualified.

Q: Do you have other professionals you can recommend such as attorneys, inspectors, lenders if needed?

A: We will be glad to refer professionals to you.

Q: What are the other costs I might incur in order to sell my property?

A: Depending on your situation you might have to face some of the following costs:

  • Broker's Commission
  • Seller's Attorney
  • Co-Op Attorney/Managing Agent
  • Flip Tax
  • Move-out deposit
  • New York City Transfer Tax
  • Transfer Tax Filing Fee
  • New York State Transfer Tax
  • Payoff Bank Attorney
  • UCC-3 Filing Fee
  • Miscellaneous Title & Recording Fees
  • Mortgage Satisfaction Fee