Welcome to Urban Living Relocation

Moving to New York City can be one of life’s most exciting and life- changing experiences. It can also present logistic, personal and financial challenges. Our Relocation Specialists are uniquely positioned by virtue of their personal and professional experience to understand and anticipate your needs.

Your Urban Living Relocation Specialist will be your liaison and single point of contact throughout your move to New York City. We will take care of all the details so that you have the freedom of time and energy to focus and enjoy your new life in New York City.

Please complete the Relocation form, one of our Relocation Specialist will arrange to set up a telephone meeting with you and assess your needs.

Relocation Services

Check List:

  • Making an inventory of all your possessions
  • Shopping for a new Health insurance
  • Arranging to bring all important paperwork
  • Leaving photocopies of your passport and important papers with a relative or solicitor
  • Arranging for insurance coverage that covers your belongings before, during and after the move
  • Retaining your right to vote in your country, complete an Electoral Commission Form
  • Sending change of address and arrange mail to be forwarded

Administrative Support:

  • Providing high level administrative support
  • Conducting research
  • Preparing paperwork
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Handling requests


  • In depth phone consultation with Relocation Specialist
  • Detailed review of questionnaire
  • Arranging for Temporary living arrangement
  • Reviewing all necessary paperwork such as a letter from your current employer, personal and professional letters of recommendation, bank statements and letter from previous landlord, etc.
  • Customized home search conversation with appointed broker

Upon Arrival:

  • Your Relocation Specialist will personally welcome you at your destination airport
  • Limousine or Car Service will deliver client to temporary residence
  • Quick overview of your temporary area of residence

Next Day Home Search:

  • Face-to-face meeting with broker
  • Reviewing customized strategy of home search
  • Digital pictures of perspective properties sent to client
  • Visiting furnished and unfurnished apartments 1-2 days including lunch for two, (car service will be provided)
  • Helping with mortgage and rental procedures, qualification and information
  • Facilitating lease/purchase execution
  • Assisting with Real Estate paperwork
  • Payment of broker fees and advancing funds for leases
  • The agency fee is 15% of the annual rent for unfurnished apartments, this fee is not included

Neighborhood Orientation:

  • Tour of neighborhood
  • Identification of neighborhood necessities (supermarkets, pharmacy, hardware stores, etc.)
  • Explanation of New York City subway, instructions and street map
  • Commute from home to workplace
  • Review and understanding of New York City street signs
  • Lunch for two

Apartment Related Services:

  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Furniture purchase or rental/furniture delivery
  • Moving Company referral
  • Introduction to your housekeeper
  • Storage facility
  • Painters/contractor introduction
  • Locksmith
  • Installation of Utilities:
  • Installation of all utilities, Cable TV, Internet, Land lines/Cell phones, electric/gas
  • Explanation of process and procedures

Banking Assistance:

  • Bank account set-up and guidance regarding different banking styles
  • Assistance with credit card issues
  • Direct Deposit

Government or Relevant Official Documents:

  • Obtaining a Social Security
  • Local driver's license application or ID card
  • Parking permits and introduction of New York City street signs
  • Passport
  • Embassy referral
  • Post Office procedures
  • Birth Certificate translation


  • Automobile purchase, lease or rent assistance
  • Airport shuttles
  • Taxi and city bus instructions/MTA (Manhattan Transit Authority)
  • Limousine/Car Service assistance
  • Tour of Grand Central Station and rail service
  • Tour of Penn Station and rail service
  • Tour of Port Authority and bus service

We require a half down deposit of the package price. Balance to be paid in full day of arrival.

Spousal Assistance:

  • Provide Internet resources and networking
  • Spouse career counseling

Children - Well Being:

  • Day care options
  • Babysitter resources
  • Nannies options
  • Introduction to community & classes for mother and baby

Children – Educational:

  • Map of schools per district
  • Investigate local schools in New York City or international schools
  • School registration and assistance with administration work
  • Special eduction assistance

Cross Cultural Training:

  • Motivation to communicate effectively and boost confidence
  • Social styles and approaches
  • Behavioral adjustments/codes
  • Business Behavior


  • Healthcare referrals and assistance
  • Health Club or Yoga Membership

Pet Care:

  • Adhere to buildings rules, codes and requirements
  • Check quarantine rules for pets
  • Day care and grooming facilities
  • Dog walking services
  • Pet stores
  • Veterinarian
  • Listing of animal hospitals

Language Schools-Adults & Children:

  • Your Relocation Specialist will provide you with language school information for you and your children in New York City